Sunday, July 19, 2015

A guest post by my good friend and Extreme Kids & Crew board member Micaela Walker, taken with her permission--and after some struggle with my computer--from her wonderful blog,

The First Annual Disability Pride Parade took place in NYC on Sunday, July 12. It was hot as blazes but scores of people of every degree of ability walked and rolled in support of better access, greater resources, and louder voices.

I like to think that "Pride" stands not only for a refusal to be ashamed or silent about disability, but as with a pride of lions, a family of people of all ages and strengths looking out for each other.  And as there isn't a single one of us that will escape needing to be cared for at some point in our lives, it behooves us all to protect our pride when we are best able to do so.

Extreme Kids was out in full effect, wisely outfitted with colorful parasols.

Hilt Projects contributed cut out signage.  Thanks Sam!

Extreme Kids & Crew Founder Eliza and Director Caitlin
Felix came all the way down from New Hampshire to participate.
Maeve and her dad, waiting for the parade to get going.

The parasols were key to keeping cool.
Spray bottles helped, too.

Ready to roll.

The parade celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The homemade signs were bold...
And seriously on point.

It was a pretty inspiring scene.

These two were in training as service dogs.

Love the ears!

So many different groups were represented.

Voices were heard in so many different ways.

Many different languages were spoken.

SAG-AFTRA (the actors union) represented (shout out to my dad!).

The heat necessitated some breaks.

And then we marched!

The march ended at Union Square.
Eliza, Happy, Felix and Arun.

Eliza and her muse.



Extreme Kids & Crew

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