Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The 2018 Disability Pride Parade

The Disability Pride Parade, held annually in New York since 2015, promotes awareness, increases visibility, and encourages support of people with disabilities. It's gotten bigger, more colorful, and happier every year. It's great fun, and something Extreme Kids and their people look forward to. This year, the weather was cool, the humidity broke, and the rain stopped just in time for the parade. Extreme Kids & Crew had a large presence--and a heap of fun.

Don't believe us? Look at our pictures--and come join us next year!

For the first time ever, we had a float, thanks to Caitlin's dad, Jim. He outfitted the back of his truck with a ball pit and decorated the top with festive regalia. Here's the float arriving at the starting point.

 We met at the designated area with plenty of time to pose for pictures...

....grab some balloons... up our parasols...
...and get our signs and posters ready.

When the parade started, we got ready to cause a scene. 

Somehow, Rosey and Marisa commandeered the banner...

...and we all followed them and the float along
the parade route.

We chanted, cheered, and wore clothing that spoke volumes.

We all totally called each other the night before and arranged to wear the same clothes (just kidding, but how awesome is it that the shirts match the parasols?)!

Plenty of friends and fellow-travelers were there to cheer and support us along the way.

We ambled along and took pictures as we went. Sometimes we even took pictures of other people taking pictures of us!

Costumes and capes were optional.

Jumping into the ball-pit afterward was optional, too, but a very popular choice.

We gave our staff and volunteers big love...

...and posed for some group photos....

before going our separate ways. See you next year!

-Liz Wollman (Board member, B&W editor, mom to the pizza-eating dude above)

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