Friday, April 24, 2020

Silas's City

To the healthcare workers healing, to the cleaners cleaning, to the teachers e-teaching, to the feeders feeding, to the deliverers delivering, to the entertainers phone-filming, to the drag queens lip synching, to the police and prisoners, bureaucrats and scriveners, techies and tricksters, firefighters and fixers, mobster-saints, flingers of paints, butchers and bakers and candlestick makers, movers and shakers and renegade Quakers, to those out of work who have not gone berserk (and those who might have gone a little berserk), to the kids and their people, and everyone who makes our beloved NYC thrum, thank you. Our flame still burns bright, as evidenced in this wonderful picture by Silas Raines.

Check out Liberty's fabulous shoes! I will enjoy bragging about Silas when he hits the big time, but for now I revel in the magic of his lines. May this picture bring you some joy, too.

Here's a profile of the artist.

Name: Silas Raines

Age: 9 1/2

Extreme Kid Since: 2013

Something you like about quarantine: no answer.

Something you don’t like about this quarantine: I’m tired of staying home, I miss my teachers and friends.

Any advice to kids (or adults) in these days of Covid?: Play with your toys, eat good food, get outside and have fun.

Please submit your pandemic art to Broken & Woken.  We may be able to publish it or turn it into a fundraising tee shirt for Extreme Kids & Crew!


  1. Nice work, Silas! We are big fans of yours!

  2. Silas I just loved your drawing, thank you!

  3. Wow,Silas I am so proud of you and your wonderful drawings. Thanks for sharing this. I miss you guys so much. Stay safe and we’ll talk soon. Peace